John Ramsey Miller - Thriller Author
"Thank God for authors like John Ramsey Miller. The [thriller] genre has been largely hijacked by franchise names who write the same book over and over… but John Ramsey Miller brings me back to the good old days when reading mattered as much as an art form as it did as a pastime… Every character has a heartbeat, every scene a physical weight, and a perfectly realized sense of place… Miller writes more than a mere book; he writes an experience." -- John Gilstrap
"John Ramsey Miller would be an interesting study even to one unfamiliar with his rapidly growing body of work. He is one of those individuals who seems to hover around the woodwork in a large gathering but whose breadth of knowledge on topics as diverse as photography and firearms quickly brings him to the forefront. His Winter Massey novels --- INSIDE OUT, UPSIDE DOWN and SIDE BY SIDE --- reintroduced him to readers familiar with THE LAST FAMILY, his stand-alone debut novel, and enlarged and broadened his audience with each successive work. I knew he had achieved a breakthrough of sorts when a shop at Disney World displayed all of his works among an otherwise sparse variety of paperbacks." -- Bookreporter
"Let me make it official: it is once again fun to hunt through the paperback racks. There are suddenly a great number of original paperback novels to be found, purchased, and read. One of the leaders of this charge is John Ramsey Miller, whose Winter Massey books have been appearing with welcome frequency over the past several months. Fortunately, for both his character and prospective readers, Miller's quantity is matched by his quality; his characters evolve and grow with each novel." -- Joseph Hartlaub for Bookreporter