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"Side By Side demonstrates that the best books are entertaining and educational at the same time. Side By Side is a compelling story of hillbilly bad guys, steroid-enhanced villains, FBI agents, technologically brilliant intelligence gatherers, espionage, thieves and international mobsters. There are enough crazy characters, plot twists, and good writing to keep this reader entertained and educated till the wee hours. It was only when the alarm clock went off that I realized that I’d read the whole night." -- Contra Costa Times

"John Ramsey Miller is the new king of rock 'n' roll. As Exhibit A of that proposition, I am respectfully setting forth SMOKE & MIRRORS, his latest Winter Massey thriller. Miller has been moving his Massey mythos right along, painstakingly developing his character in a number of different settings and situations, so that neither the hero nor the story has become repetitive, predictable or stale. Along the way he has continued to raise his own bar and jump over it with each successive work. 

"Having said that, SMOKE & MIRRORS is going to be tough for even Miller to top, given its solid, non-stop action, served up with complex but comprehensible plotting and rugged characterization." -- Bookreporter

"Side By Side is a fantastic action thriller that starts off at light speed and just accelerates until the shocking and exciting finale. Readers won’t know who the real villains are until the author chooses to reveal their allegiances. The characters are well-drawn and three-dimensional especially the hero so that readers feel they know him and his motivations. John Ramsey Miller writes a strong crime thriller with espionage and military overtones filled with plenty of heart and guts." -- USA TODAY

"The third book in John Ramsey Miller’s Winter Massey series is as good as the first two -- INSIDE OUT and UPSIDE DOWN. Twisting plots, wildly swinging emotions and massive amounts adrenalin-inducing danger will keep you attached to your chair until the last page is turned. If you haven’t tackled this series yet, you’re missing out!" -- Fresh Fiction

"SIDE BY SIDE is a stand-alone work that does not require familiarity with the characters for full enjoyment. It is sufficient to know at this stage that Massey is a retired U.S. Marshal who is looking forward to a long stretch of nothing, relaxing with his wife and their infant daughter. As always Miller's narrative is first-rate. He spends the first part of SIDE BY SIDE setting up his interesting, complex characters in a straightforward plot line and then spends the last half of this fine novel gleefully deconstructing things while keeping his readers guessing until the very end. And if you're hooked on Miller, like most readers who have encountered his work, never fear: more is on the way." -- Booklist