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Nominated for Best Paperback Original for the International Thrller Writers Award.

"Readers who like action in their thrillers will love this book. The sequel to INSIDE OUT delivers another dose of sheer momentum…" -- Book News

"The tension mounts as does the action… Like any good author, Miller keeps us entranced on each page." -- I Love A Mystery

"The book is a tense cat-and-mouse game, with neither Faith Ann nor Massey sure whom to trust. Faith Ann is a great character, resourceful and poised beyond her years." -- Kansas City Star

"As good as INSIDE OUT was, Miller really hits his stride with UPSIDE DOWN, using the city of New Orleans as a backdrop to maximum effect. Eschewing the obvious choice of the French Quarter as a setting for UPSIDE DOWN, Miller uses the Garden District, Uptown, and particularly the Canal Place shopping mall and Audubon Aquarium, to maximum effect. Miller's utilization of Canal Place is especially exemplary. Not one of the most exciting places in the city even under the best of circumstances, Miller transforms it into a claustrophobic maze as Faith Ann is relentlessly pursued by the assassin team while Massey makes a valiant effort to play catch-up. And while the conclusion of UPSIDE DOWN resolves some issues in Massey's life, it leaves others open, ones that hopefully will be resolved in SIDE BY SIDE, to be published in Fall 2005." -- Joe Hartlaub