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#16 New York Times Best Seller List

#1 Berita Book Center (BBC)

"Miller fills his story with diabolical crimes and cross-country intrigue. This briskly paced page turner pits former DEA superagents against each other in a taut dance of death and revenge." -- Chicago Tribune

"In The Last Family so many characters are prepared to die to achieve their ends, readers are kept on the edge of their seats wondering which ones will." -- Canadian Press

"In an amazing and rewarding first novel, John Ramsey Miller has crafted a terrifying tale of double-crosses, coldly calculated gambles with the lives of innocents and their carefully planned executions. Martin Fletcher is the most resourceful and horrifying killer since Hannibal Lecter. It is no surprise that The Literary Guild named this book a Main Selection." -- Roanoake Times

"From page one you’ll be caught p in gripping, taut thriller… There isn’t a boring page. This is as good as first novels get. Five Stars." -- Larry King

"This story grabs you and keeps you riveted until the final explosive pages." -- Calgary Herald

"This is a right fine thriller based on a great idea." -- New York Daily News

"The author writes with tough authority and knows how to generate suspense." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Miller has written a splendid thriller and keeps the reader enthralled." -- The Southland Times (New Zealand)

"THE LAST FAMILY is a good non-stop that is easily consumed in a single, satisfying gulp." -- Canberra Times (Australia)

"A spring Beach read if there ever was one!" -- Courier Mail (Queensland, Australia)

"Miller’s first novel is an ambitious tale. The constant action and twists and turns of the deceptive plot make this a violently entertaining read."  -- Toronto Star Newspapers, Ltd.

"John Ramsey Miller’s work is seriously wired and wonderfully weird" -- The Weekend Australian

"Miller’s fast-paced writing and his behind-the-scenes look at one of the nation’s toughest law enforcement agencies delivers suspense fiction in overdrive." -- The Commercial Appeal

"Keeping a jaded reviewer up all night turning pages all night is no easy trick. A relentless thriller. One word of advice: read The Last Family only when you can sleep in the next morning." -- People Magazine

"Savvy readers who make a practice of second guessing the author will have your work cut out for you. Some of Miller’s plot twists look like a long, easy pop fly coming at you in center field, only to dart around and smack you in the back of your head." -- Charlotte Observer

"Martin Fletcher is the most unspeakably evil characters in recent fiction. A compelling read." -- Booklist

"Fast paced, original, and utterly terrifying. –– True, teeth-grinding tension. I lost sleep reading the novel, and then even more sleep thinking about it. Martin Fletcher is the most vividly drawn, most resourceful, most horrifying killer I have encountered. Hannibal Lecter, eat your heart out." -- Michael Palmer, author of SILENT TREATMENT

"The best suspense novel I’ve read in years." -- Jack Olsen, author of DOC